History of Driggs Search International

In 2002, the Driggs brothers—Scott, Kevin, and Ryan—embarked on a shared entrepreneurial journey, establishing Driggs Search International (DSI) as a testament to their family’s legacy of business acumen. Drawing inspiration from their grandfather’s successful venture, Western Savings, which thrived for 60 years as one of Arizona’s largest banking institutions, the Driggs brothers embraced the idea of working together as a family to create something meaningful.

Their vision was clear: DSI would specialize in assisting companies in their quest to attract top-tier talent. Despite cautionary tales and skepticism from outsiders about the complexities of operating a family business, the Driggs brothers were undeterred. Scott, a BYU graduate with a degree in political science, Kevin, a BYU master’s in accounting graduate, and Ryan, with a degree from Arizona State University in corporate communications, believed that their familial closeness and deep-rooted values would serve as a cornerstone for their new venture’s success.

Scott had garnered valuable experience as a senior account manager at an international executive search firm, while Kevin’s tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) equipped him with the skills to hire, train, and mentor employees. Ryan’s background in sales and marketing at IBM, Toshiba, and Compaq enriched the team’s dynamic.

Recognizing the importance of proper teamwork, Kevin attributed his Marriott School education as pivotal to their collaborative approach. With shared experiences and a commitment to open communication, the Driggs brothers cultivated a productive and trusting work environment.

In 2007, Brian Ricks joined the team, bringing with him a wealth of experience as a former sales executive in the hospitality and construction industries and holding a bachelor’s degree in communications from ASU. His addition marked a significant milestone for DSI, enhancing the company’s capabilities and expanding its scope.

In subsequent years, DSI continued to grow and evolve, welcoming accomplished professionals who further enriched the company’s diverse skill set. Karen Whitt, an accomplished commercial litigator with a JD degree from ASU law school and a bachelor’s degree from BYU, joined in 2015, contributing her expertise in executive leadership, private equity, legal matters, technology, and real estate.

Under the visionary leadership of Scott Driggs, who serves as the founder and CEO, DSI has flourished. Scott’s deep commitment to excellence and strategic hiring solutions, developed during his tenure as a three-time National Club Award Winner at a previous international search firm, has propelled DSI to prominence. His expertise spans private equity, executive leadership, healthcare, and strategy, all crucial components in the company’s multifaceted approach.

Our History