How We Work: Your resume is always treated confidentially. We will not forward it to anyone without first discussing the opportunity with you.

Fees: We are engaged by the employer. There is no cost to you for our services.

Getting Started:
Getting started with us is as simple as submitting your resume/profile.

Our recruiters are specialists who often have extensive work experience within their focus areas and can help you connect with the leading US and global companies in your industry.


Career Planning: We help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Resume Tips: Create a winning resume. What to put in, what to leave out.

Interviewing: Preparing for the interview-what to ask, what you may be asked.

Resigning Gracefully: Resign from your current job without burning bridges.

Counter-Offer: Counter-offers can be flattering, but are they in your best interest?


  • Consumer Products
  • Direct Sales
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Party Plan
  • Advertising and Communication
  • Retail


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Executives Research & Development
  • Senior Management
  • Operations
  • Corporate Communications
  • HR & IT


  • Placing Senior Management in Portfolio Companies
  • CEO / CFO / CIO / COO / VP

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