Driggs Search does not take it's role lightly. Whether we're isolating top talent or onboarding a new client; we are detailed and dedicated beyond what you'd expect from an executive recruiting agency. Our mission is to provide services that serve both the employer and the job seeker in a profound way. We don't believe anyone should have to "settle" when it comes to their hiring and employment decisions.

Settling for less than stellar results is simply not an option.


Our search process begins with an extraordinary level of research and preparation. We hold an extensive planning meeting with our client to identify their needs, their position in the marketplace and the necessary skill set and talent needed to accelerate their growth. A position specification is then prepared and this plan will guide our search efforts.


Qualified candidates are targeted and confidentially approached through our network of executives and by a thorough research of the marketplace. Our real value comes to our clients when we find those leaders who are professionally proven and who fit with the existing team and culture. That’s what leads to success in all organizations – the right leaders in the right roles.


We know that identifying and evaluating top candidates is not enough. We stand by our clients throughout the offer process, engaging all parties and bringing the needed information to the table until the right candidate is delivered. We spend a significant effort on in-depth referencing. We ask the tough questions and we listen carefully to the responses. Our work and our relationships do not end with the placement of a targeted individual. We stay close to the hiring company and the newly hired candidate, helping to facilitate a smooth transition from new employee to productive member of the company team.