How We Work Confidentiality: Your resume is always treated confidentially. We will not forward it to anyone without first discussing the opportunity with you.   Fees: We are engaged by the employer. There is no cost to you for our services.  

Getting Started: Getting started with us is as simple as submitting your resume/profile.

Expertise: Our recruiters are specialists who often have extensive work experience within their focus areas and can help you connect with the leading US and global companies in your industry.

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  • Retail

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  • Placing Senior Management in Portfolio Companies
  • CEO / CFO / CIO / COO / VP

CANDIDATE RESOURCES Career Planning: We help you achieve both your personal and professional goals. Resume Tips: Create a winning resume. What to put in, what to leave out. Interviewing: Preparing for the interview-what to ask, what you may be asked. Resigning Gracefully: Resign from your current job without burning bridges. Counter-Offer: Counter-offers can be flattering, but are they in your best interest?